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Hello! Welcome to Pacific Rail Productions. You can browse our videos, pictures, and we will also post updates, MSTS add-ons, news, and all sorts of railroad-related things. Become a member to get access to the following: MSTS Addons, Our site store, Forums, Videos, pictures, and your MSTS repaint ideas. So have fun!

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-Hey everyone! I haven't posted anything on this website in well over a year and a half. I will be on again soon and re-do the entire site.

Site History- By Gregory Jaramillo

Well, this site started comepletely from my love of trains. I soon found out about my friend, Kevin's site, and he told me about webs. I then went on their site, and I had alot of trouble getting it going. But, eventually, I got alot better at using computers than I already was. It took alot of time, but I did get it to work. As soon as I added more pages, like the MSTS Addons, and Forums, and Videos, then my site started to get so much better than it started. From October 2009, to Feburary 2010, I have definatley learned alot. Thank you Kevin Lieber, for this great expirience. Anyway, hope you were interested reading this. Thank you for visiting Pacific Rail Productions. Have a great day!                                     

- 2/13/10

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1. No Profanity of any kind will be tolerated. 

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Thank You! 

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